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An Afternoon Quiet and Other Poems

About this Book

A chapbook collection of sixteen poems.

“From the moment he invites the reader into his quiet room things begin to happen, even though he says in the title poem, ‘Nothing at all happened/ nothing at all.’

‘Attendance’ alone is worth the price of admission.”
-Tom Erdmann

Pudding House Publications, 1998
paper  €6.00  $7.95


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An Afternoon Quiet

An afternoon quiet
fell on the room.
I sat there composed.
I would swear the clock on the mantle
suspended its motions
for that moment my lungs and heart
paused as it were.
Nothing at all happened,
nothing at all.

You can look in that room today
if you’ve half a mind to.
You can sit in the chair I sat in.
You can wind the clock.
You can raise and lower the blinds
that confront the seasons.
You can sit in the chair I sat in.
You can tell me that nothing happened,
nothing at all.